4 Creative Ideas for Customizing Furniture with Laminates

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Laminates are essentially one of the most preferred surfacing options. A variety of laminates are available in the market to infuse in the design of your home and workspace. Laminates look equally pleasing in both residential and commercial furnishings. They come with several advantages that make them perfect to use in modern furnishing.

Benefits of Using Laminates

The following are some advantages of installing laminates in the furnishing of your home or workspace:

  • Durability

Laminate sheets are highly durable. If used in the furniture, they protect the furniture against scratches, spills, and smudges. Their life is also remarkably good. If maintained properly, then they can sustain over 10 years. They are easy to clean.

  • Resistance to Moisture

Laminate sheets are not affected by moisture. If the furniture is exposed to moisture, it tends to expand, and hence its strength and quality deteriorate. Laminated furniture is extremely useful in areas like the kitchen and washroom, where the furniture is exposed to moisture for longer times. Laminates prevent the direct exposure of furniture to moisture and hence increase the life of the furniture.

  • Aesthetic

Decorative laminates look elegant and possess a sense of aesthetics within themselves. They come in a variety of colours and patterns which makes them apt for decorative purposes. They are lustrous and have a great finish which makes them appear classy.

  • Wide variety

Laminates come in different colours, textures, and patterns, which enables customers to choose from a large number of options. They are widening the options of home d├ęcor with continuous advancements in their style.

  • Easy to maintain

Laminates can be installed once and then require very minimal or no maintenance at all. They don’t get stained easily and are resistant to heat, moisture, and termites.

  • Available in different sizes

Laminates are available in a variety of accurate sizes. One can easily get rectangular or square-shaped sheets of any size for decoration.

  • Cost-effective

Laminates are way less expensive than their other contemporaries, like solid wood in the market. They also provide numerous benefits altogether and hence are cost-effective.

Owing to the reason mentioned, laminates are getting highly popular in modern furnishing. They are used for decoration and protection in various parts of the house or office.

Creative Ideas for Customizing Furniture with Laminates

Though laminates can be used anywhere in the furnishing, the following are four creative ideas for customizing furniture with laminates:

  • Laminating the wardrobe

Wardrobes cover a major portion of your bedroom, so it is important to work on their appearance. You can cover your wardrobe with an aesthetic laminate cover matching with the rest of the room to enhance its appearance. The wardrobe is used regularly and is prone to both stains and scratches; thus, installing a laminate sheet on it will not only please its look but will also protect it.

  • Lamination in the kitchen

The kitchen furniture is most likely to get damaged by moisture due to its continuous contact with water. Laminating kitchen countertops, cabinets, etc., with laminating sheets, protects the furniture against moisture and also makes the kitchen look appealing. Different patterns can be chosen to laminate the kitchen space.

  • Laminating the living room furniture

The living room usually contains a number of furniture that can be laminated in a coordinated manner to make them appear sophisticated. TV stands, newspaper stands, centre tables, etc., can be laminated in a similar pattern and texture to enhance the appearance of the living room. The lamination can coordinate with the pattern and texture of the walls and floorings to create a balance.

  • Laminating the entrance

The entrance area of the house or office can be laminated to increase the beauty of the house. The door, shoe cabinet, umbrella case, key holder, etc., present in the entrance can be laminated to add to the aesthetics of the house.


Laminates have many advantages over other furnishing alternatives. Laminates for furniture are provided at affordable prices by CenturyLaminates. Their laminates are antiviral and antibacterial. Their laminates are strong and durable owing to the unique technique they use to make the laminates. With numerous varieties, their laminates can elevate your furnishing to the next level.

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