Is It Time To Conduct Toilet Repairs Or Replacement?

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The toilet is a frequently used space in your home. However, we rarely talk about it and sometimes neglect it during home improvement. Issues with your toilet can lead to cracks, leads, and your toilet may not flush or may run constantly. There are various signs to check out to know when it’s time to call the plumber for some repairs.

Here are signs that it’s time to plan for toilet repairs or replacement:

1. Your toilet is too old

Toilets can last for years and not forever. You should replace it over time and have a new modern fixture. Older toilets require frequent repairs and can be costly to maintain. Toilets should have a flush volume of 1.6 gallons, and older toilets use more water. If your toilet is older than 25 years,  a Toilet Repair Provider will advise that you replace it. Doing this will save you water and maintenance costs.

2. Tank cracks

A cracked toilet tank may warrant repairs or replacement. This may be exhibited in the form of water puddles on the base. You should inspect the tank to determine the source of the water. The location of the crack will determine whether repairs will work, but in some instances, you need a tank replacement. Remember the cracks may be invisible, but you can always call a plumber to examine it.

3. Toilet leaks

Toilet leaks are common issues in the home. Unlike cracks that may be visible, leaks can go for long unnoticed. Sometimes, you may see water on the floor and think that a family member splashed it especially if you have kids. However, you will notice higher water bills when you have a leaky toilet and should call a plumber.

4. Constantly running toilet

It can be annoying to have a toilet that’s constantly running. Water will normally flow when you flush the toilet, which is normal. However, if the water keeps running from your tank to the bowl, this is a sign of a faulty toilet.

This happens mostly due to issues with the flller valve which may be incorrectly sealed.  The fill valve may also be broken and should be replaced.

You may not need a toilet replacement, but you can have a plumber examine and conduct the necessary repairs.

5 . You experience frequent clogs

Your toilet may clog when kids plunge in toys and other play items in it.  However, if you unclog your toilet often, and the cause of the clogs in is unknown, maybe it’s time to conduct some repairs. Old toilets are also more likely to clog and should be replaced.

6.  A no-flush toilet

Your toilet may not flush and this can be attributed to many factors.This can result fro;

  • Trap clogs
  • Blocked rim jets
  • Afaulty float
  • Faulty handle and cahin.

In summary, a well-functioning toilet makes every homeowner happy. Therefore, if you are undertaking a home improvement project,  make the toilet your priority. Whether it’s a leak, a broken or cracked tank, have it fixed, or replace the toilet with a new fixture.

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