4 tips for successfully planning a small kitchen

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Is your XXS kitchen giving you a hard time? Nothing could be more normal, when space is lacking, you have to redouble your ingenuity to combine comfort, functionality and aesthetics. We give you 4 precious tips thanks to which your small kitchen will finally play in the big leagues!

We tend to underestimate very small spaces when even the most modest of them has something to offer. Start by going through the room with a fine-toothed comb. Here, take this height under the ceiling for example, and if you used it to install several cupboards and free up space on the work surface and on the floor? Prioritize storage hung open for easy access to their contents or equipped with sliding doors, less obtrusive than their hinged cousins. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the very high space perched on the cupboards, by storing the dishes that you only take out occasionally and the top of the windows or the door by fixing shelves there. On the low furniture side, there is also something to do to make full use of the limited surface area: drawers hidden in the plinths, an additional worktop cleverly concealed in a drawer, which can also take on the role of a side table, and of course, the corner storage units, each more ingenious than the other, like the super Magic Corner and the amazing Flymoon.

Surround yourself with mobile furniture and clever accessories

Complete the layout of your small kitchen with everything that combines maximum functionality and minimum space. Foldable table and chairs to store against the wall, sideboard on wheels that slips away as soon as your dinner for two is coming to an end, mobile island on which to simmer good meals with the family while making yourself comfortable or even a shelf with suction cups that stick to the side of the fridge and hold your spices. Invite smart accessories to your splashback: hooks to hang your utensils and tea towels and be able to grab them with one hand when you are busy behind the stoves and magnetic bars that will blend into the decor while revealing your beautiful collection of knives .

Did you know ?

Even the faucets are there! Some well-intentioned faucets have a folding spout to allow the window to be opened.

Opt for a household appliance for the occasion

If your kitchen is far from displaying a model size, it is because a priori you are not numerous to come and refuel there on a daily basis. So to optimize space , make do with the bare necessities of the major household appliances section. Does your kitchen have an advantage: does it have a beautiful opening? You can do without an extractor hood. If washing dishes remains the worst chore for you, adopt a built-in dishwasher. In general, bet on built-in models and go shopping for mini formats. As for small appliances, count on 2-in-1 models like this nifty toaster-coffee machine which, in addition to being discreet, will save you a lot of time in the morning, and objects that can be stored easily when you does not need them, avoiding unnecessarily monopolizing the worktop such as this stainless steel kettle with the charm of yesteryear to put directly on the fire or this essential crepe maker, equipped with an integrated compartment to store ladle and spatulas .

Do ​​you live alone? Say yes to the under-counter refrigerator : a limited storage capacity of course, but what a nice gain in surface area on the worktop!

Cunning with optical illusions

When it comes to cramped spaces, we have the right to cheat, it is even highly recommended! The decoration is one of the allies of choice in this area. Your kitchen is closed ? Cover its walls with light colors (white, pale gray, pastel blue), this will give a stunning impression of space. If, on the other hand, your kitchenette is one with your living room, give it the same shade to create visual continuity. Also prefer glossy finishes to matte: they have the gift of capturing and reflecting light, giving the illusion that the kitchen has taken a few centimeters. Another technique for artificially enlarging the room: lighting it well. Start by putting away your curtainsto let natural light in, then install recessed spotlights on the ceiling and under the wall units located above the worktop.

The trick at a very low price:

Hang a mirror in front of your window. By reflecting the opening to the outside, it will accentuate the depth of the room.

Here you are in the scent of the secrets of a small kitchen that has nothing to envy to those that go beyond it. Your turn now !

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