Tips for a stylish home office

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Our decorating experts will tell you how to design a modern office and what you absolutely need to consider when planning.

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Sofas, high desks, poufs and lounge chairs allow you to change your position. Similarly, small relaxation areas are more motivating for employees. Be creative, offer different and adaptable spaces to give new impetus and improve the creativity of the people working there.

Before you can even start designing a modern office, you need to find a central location. Once you have found a suitable location for your business, you can choose from a wide variety of office concepts.

In order to decide on the right office concept, it always depends on the size of your company. You need to consider the number of employees and what generally suits your product. Because as an open space concept, they act like a living room with a feel-good factor and relaxation options.

Modern office in business: what to think about when designing or space planning

First, find a suitable location for your offices, then you can choose from a wide variety of office concepts.

The acoustic cabin or Phone Box is suitable for one or two people, it has the great advantage of being able to work without being disturbed. In principle, a box-type office is suitable only for a small business, since there is often not enough space for a large number of pieces of furniture, it can be closed or semi-open

Open space where teamwork is the top priority. But often, there are hardly any possibilities for isolation and the often high noise level can distract those most sensitive to noise and lead to a drop in productivity.

Need to plan for the long term? If you need more flexibility, the modular office may be perfect for you, but you must take this into account when choosing furniture and accessories. Costs for partitions etc.

Free choice of space: with Desk Sharing , employees can settle wherever they want within the company. This can be an advantage, but also cause stress in the team. Note that it is almost impossible to place personal items on the desktop.

All our advice for a quality design

A modern space is not only a visual highlight, but also a real asset for employees. It is true that they spend a large part of their day at work there and if they feel good in their workspace, productivity and the atmosphere within your team will be even better. So, with an office designed with modernity, promote the overall balance between work and private life. Stand out from other companies: The days of a gloomy workplace are finally over.

How to afford a nice comfortable workspace at home

The health crisis currently affecting the world has restored the image of teleworking . The latter has become king in recent months … and it has made millions of people want to create or modify the workspace / office at home.

We note that working from home can be complicated for some, especially because being at home is synonymous with distractions: the presence of children, television on, pets, etc.

To stay productive, it is very important to better organize your home office , trying to recreate an environment that promotes concentration. How to do? Follow the advice of the Westwing experts: in the next few lines, we will guide you step by step in designing a stylish and functional home office .

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The first question to ask is: where to place the home office? Much depends on the space available. The best solution is certainly to allocate an entire room for this purpose. By doing this, you can completely isolate yourself from the rest of the house and your family members. Between noise and interference, sometimes it is not at all easy to find serenity at work at home!

But when it’s not possible to dedicate an entire room to creating a home office, you’ll be forced to make a virtue of necessity. All in all, it will be possible to create an office corner in any part of the house: in the living room, in the bedroom, but also in the most unexpected places like a basement or a niche.

Luckily, today we work with increasingly compact laptops, so no particularly large work surface is needed. In fact, the minimum dimensions of a functional desk are only 40/45 cm deep and 75/80 cm long.

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